The side colours are red, gold, black and white and the costume (kit) is made up solely from these colours. Gold is pretty hard to achieve in fabric, so a suitable yellow is used in its place.

White shirts, sleeves rolled up

The kit consists of the following items:

  • white shirt, sleeves rolled up to the elbow
  • black breeches, reaching to just below the knee, secured by a black belt
  • white knee-length socks
  • bell pads are worn beneath the knees of each leg, strapped to the top of the calves
  • black shoes
  • red baldrics with a fabric badge showing the Dartington Morris logo
  • white wavers (handkerchiefs) worn tucked into the belt of the breeches
  • long and short sticks made from hazel wood, with red and gold tape at each end.

It goes without saying...

We are proud of our kit and our appearance, so of course all kit should be worn clean and fresh and tidy.

baldric badge
Badge shown on baldrics


Baldrics are a pair, with one over the left shoulder to right hip, and one over the right shoulder to left hip, secured at the cross front and back. The fabric badge is stitched to the cross of the baldrics on the front.

At the rear cross is a pair of fabric strips, one red, one gold; this is repeated where the baldrics cross on the left and right sides.


Bell pads

bell pads
Bell pads

Each bell pad is made of leather with 25 bells of varying sizes, in five rows of five bells.

Alternate bells have attached beneath them a pair of fabric strips, one red and one gold.


White wavers

The wavers are made from white cotton-like fabric and are approximately 50cm x 50cm.


Dartington Morris kit in full