Donation to Rowcroft Hospice
Presentation to Rowcroft Hospice, January 2023

When we are performing, we often collect voluntary donations from our audience and we sometimes perform for a fee for private events.

We do not operate for profit and any surplus is donated annually to our chosen charitable cause. On some occasions, such as Boxing Day and New Year's Day, we donate the full amount taken to our nominated charity.

The money collected is used to cover our operating costs, such as the hire of our practice venue, new costume for new members and repairs to existing kit and publicity printing costs.

We decide at our AGM each year which will be our nominated charity for the following year.

A summary of donations made in the past few years is listed below.

Year Recipient Donation
2023 Rowcroft Hospice £500
2020 Rowcroft Hospice £450
2019 Rowcroft Hospice £500
2018 Rowcroft Hospice £300
2017 Rowcroft Hospice £315
2016 Rowcroft Hospice £310
2015 BBC Children in Need appeal £383
2013 Devon Community Foundation £120
2013 Rowcroft Hospice £120
2012 BBC Children in Need appeal £80