A good collection of videos taken by members, friends and other spectators can be found on Youtube by searching for Dartington Morris. Some examples are shown below.

My Pretty Little Highland Mary, Filkins

Filkins is a tradition performed only by Dartington Morris Men; the whole tradition was reconstructed by our own Christopher Farr.

The Sea-green Sash, Filkins

Another rare sighting of a dance in the Filkins tradition; performed at Lee on Solent, Hampshire.

Little Johnny England, a dance in the Bledington style

Performed at the Joint Morris Organisation day of dance in Exeter, 2013.

Photographic collections

Our main online photographic archive is our Flickr collection, an extract of which is shown on our Gallery page

Other sources of photos of the side can be found here: 

If you know of any other good sources of photos featuring Dartington Morris Men, then please let us know.