Here you can see a collection of printable sheet music for a variety of tunes that we play, either for dances or (more likely) in the pub sessions following our performances. The documents are supplied as Adobe PDFs, which will open in a new window; you need the free Adobe Reader to view them. These are just one representation (of course, there are many others) of traditional tunes, in many cases simplified for students in DMM's own "Melodeon Masterclass" initiated by Howard Hampson. No claim for authorship or copyright is claimed, and these are acknowledged if not traditional. If you find anything that should be acknowledged that isn't, do please let us know. Many of the tunes also show row, button number and 'ins &outs' for a D/G melodeon. Odd numbered buttons are on the D row, and even on the G Row. This notation follows a numbering system devised by Ed Rennie (thanks, Ed).